Madelynn Thompson

Associate Operations Coordinator


Madelynn is the Associate Operations Coordinator for the SBDC of NJCU School of Business. She has worked with various businesses from large to small and in various industries. With a special focus on film and tv production, she will be a great asset to the team as more production companies move into New Jersey. She is passionate about helping each business find its audience.

With a background in marketing and management, she can help business owners find their brand and use it to surround themselves with like-minded individuals to make their dreams a reality. She will always advocate for the use of a spreadsheet to organize one’s thoughts and goals and is quick to lend a helping hand to those struggling with the use of new technology. While she is new to the team Madelynn is excited about the good she will be helping to bring to New Jersey communities through the building up of its small businesses.







Areas of Expertise


  • Live Event Management
  • TV/Film Production
  • Women Owned Business
  • Graphics
  • Marketing