Jazmine Brinkley

Director of Operations & Programs

My objective in the workforce is to provide services to my community and surrounding communities in NJ, focused on economic growth, quality assistance, resource assistance and anything under the scope of all things people. 


Hello, my name is Jazmine Brinkley, and I am the Director of Operations & Programs for the SBDC of NJCU School of Business. I have worked in many different industries throughout my working career, equipping me with an array of knowledge around process, research, data capture, reporting, and computers. I am a passionate woman who loves people and wants to go to work for the people.

The small businesses all throughout the state are people like you and I that deserve the opportunity to thrive, and I have the privilege to assist in just that. The legacy I want to leave behind is one where future generations will have a strong foundation to stand on and prosper. I want to make sure the single mom and her kids have protection from poverty. I want to help small business owners who came from small beginnings provide generational wealth for their families and employees. I envision a world where we cross-pollinate care and concern for one another’s well-being and overall success. I feel honored to serve my community and look forward to assisting you with all of the resources this amazing organization has to offer. Let’s GrOw NJ!!





Areas of Expertise

  • Management
  • Administration
  • Project Development
  • Planning
  • Coaching and developing
  • Customer service