Carla Fallone

Entrepreneurs and small businesses are the engines of our economy!  Small businesses account for virtually all new job creation in the United States and create over 66% of net new jobs! We account for 44% of total US economic activity and bring careers and opportunities into our local community through paychecks and taxes, which improve local public services and support the creation of new small businesses.  Small businesses grow because we draw innovation, attract talent, bring inventions and solutions to difficult challenges. We are more flexible and resilient when times get tough and before big businesses were propelled into growth, all big businesses once started out small.  No matter how small we start—one, two, five, 10 employees—within a town, a city, or a county, our small businesses create new economies where once there was nothing.

I am so grateful to be part of all the amazing entrepreneurs and small business owners!  Thank you!


Entrepreneur and multifaceted MBA business professional with 30 plus years of experience as a small and medium sized business owner, consultant, and higher education professor. Traveled to 60 countries, Educated and Experienced with a wide range of business industries, government agencies, non-profit enterprises in global, national, New Jersey state and local venues

Areas of Expertise

  • Strategic Growth Plan Development
  • Business Model Development and Analysis
  • Entrepreneurship Business Plan design, development and implementation
  • Develop and Evaluate Business Financials for Business Plans, Startup, and Growth
  • Development and Training of Financial Statements and Ratios
  • Business Federal and State Registration New Jersey Small, Women, Minority, Veteran, Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise Registrations
  • Business Administrative Operations Development, /Record Keeping, Analysis and Efficient Strategy Implementation
  • Budget/Forecast Planning, Development, Implementation and Analysis
  • Product and Service Pricing/Break Even Cost Analysis