SPOTLIGHT: What You Need To Know About KUEZ

May 27, 2020

What is KUEZ?

The Kearny Urban Enterprise Zone (KUEZ) contributes towards the improvement of the business environment and quality of life in the Town of Kearny by making investments within the zone to improve the appearance, attractiveness and safety of the retail and industrial areas.

One of the most important and visible investments over the years has been in street, sidewalks and pedestrian lighting along Kearny’s shopping districts as well as other critical infrastructure improvements.

Offers & Programs

The State of New Jersey stopped funding the UEZ Program in 2010. Since then, the KUEZ has managed to survive by being very selective on its projects and managing the funds effectively. Currently, the KUEZ is funding these following projects:

  • KUEZ Small Business Emergency Financial Assistance Loan Program– This microloan is available to KUEZ businesses. The maximum loan amount is $10,000 at a 2% interest rate, for 5 years. This loan is specifically geared towards small businesses in Kearny, as they are having difficulties dealing with the COVID-19 crisis. For more information and an application, visit the official website of Town of Kearny here.
  • KUEZ Revolving Loan Program– Kearny UEZ businesses can benefit from this loan of up to $100,000 at a 4% interest rate. This 10-year loan can only be used for capital improvements and/or equipment purchases. For more information, visit this website.
  • Kearny Rewards Program– Kearny residents and customers can get special discounts at 34 Kearny participating businesses, simply by showing their Kearny Rewards Card. Interested individuals can register their cards here.
  • KUEZ Marketing Program– The KUEZ manages marketing for the Town of Kearny and KUEZ sponsored events. For updated information, constituents are encouraged to “Like” the Kearny Urban Enterprise Zone Facebook page. Some of the events in the KUEZ Marketing Program include: The Kearny Town-Wide Yard & Sidewalk Sale, Kearny Farmers Market, The Halloween Dog PAWrade, the Kearny Tree Lighting, and more.

To learn about the different programs that KUEZ offers, visit the KUEZ website here, or email John Peneda, KUEZ Coordinator, at


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