Rafael Mata

NJSBDC Specialty Consultant


Rafael Mata is the Vice President of Business Development and Co-Founder of GAMBIT Services, a consulting firm that specializes in strategic solutions for government, business, nonprofit, and educational institutions whose mission is to empower and uplift the social and economic conditions of disadvantaged and underrepresented populations. In his role as VP of Business Development, he is responsible for the growth and strategic partnerships for the firm. Before his role as Vice President, Rafael served as the Managing Director of External Affairs for a New Jersey State Authority and was the Director of a Business Services Office in County Government.

His expertise in Economic Development, Workforce Development, and Small Business Development has led to the creation of new service models and programs and established him as a thought leader and innovator. In his varied New Jersey government roles and appointments, Rafael secured and managed local, state, and federal grants that provided social support, workforce training, and small business development to distressed populations.

He implemented New Jersey’s first local Set-Aside program out of Hudson County; and has worked for over 20 years on the empowerment of distressed communities. Rafael’s insight and experience as a multi-business owner have afforded him tangible knowledge and curated expertise to design pragmatic solutions that help businesses navigate the workforce and economic development programs created to assist them. He has also established himself as the bridge between government and the private sector. He graduated from the City University of New York. He is a certified Grant Manager and Grant Writer and a subject matter expert—frequently sought out by small business organizations, chambers of commerce, educational institutions, and local government.