Eric Vincent

Founder & Partner Black Ink Creative Partners LLC


Eric started his career in 1989 as a freelance artist and designer and quickly expanded his customer base across a wide range of industries, including but not limited to entertainment, retail, real estate, banking, & commercial real estate development. By 1998 Eric entered into his first partnership serving the real estate and banking industry, developing brands and marketing strategies for the commercial real estate community, focused on the consumer-facing resale of newly established developments in NJ. During this time, Eric was blessed to work with other entrepreneurs, including investors, developers and banks, on strategies, branding and content development to increase awareness and sales.

In 2008 Eric left the commercial real estate space to pursue other industries, including entertainment, small business development, travel and hospitality, launching Black Ink Creative Partners in 2014.

Black Ink quickly grew its services base and became government contractors in 2016, which expanded the partnership to include long-time friend and business partner Mark Slotnick. The journey led the company into branding and co-producing contracting expos and conferences, opening up a new vertical for the company.

Eric spent over a decade as a parent advocate with a local parenting organization helping to foster fatherhood and community, as well as spent several years as a speaker and educator in addition to his passion with Black Ink. Eric leads Black Ink towards new opportunities and is excited to explore new spaces and help new (and existing businesses) expand their potential by shirking trends and status quo for roads less traveled. Businesses need to stand out above all the noise.