First Fridays: The Power of Capital Fri, March 3, 2023

10:00 am to 11:30 am English / 2:00 pm to 3:30 pm Spanish  


JP MORGAN CHASE/NJSBDC at NJCU School of Business will be launching its first session of their First Friday Series on March 3rd!

First Fridays, Presented by NJSBDC at NJCU School of Business

Registration will open on January 27th at 8 am


Session 1: Power of Captial


March 3, 2023


English: 10:00 am – 11:30 am

Spanish: 2:00 pm – 3:30 pm


Online Webinar

The NJSBDC at NJCU is proud to present First Fridays, in partnership with J.P. Morgan Chase.

Whether you’re in the dreamer stage, preparing to launch your small business, or a business owner looking for ways to grow your business, our team, at the NJSBDC at NJCU School of Business, is ready to guide and support you on your entrepreneurial journey. Our passionate Business Advisors are here just for you, providing NO COST one-on-one counseling, low-cost training programs, and free webinars. Whether you need assistance in finding capital, establishing a strategic plan, or creating a marketing campaign, our dedicated team is here to guide and support you.

We understand that access to capital is one of the greatest barriers of entry for entrepreneurs and small businesses. So NJSBDC at NJCU School of Business has partnered with JP Morgan Chase to bring you a 5-part Webinar Series to help you position your business for success. Capital is the lifeblood of any business, but especially small businesses. Without understanding the power of capital, how to best leverage it, how to secure adequate financing, the different types of capital, or the components required to ensure your businesses, most entrepreneurs cannot start new businesses or grow their existing companies. This session is only one of 5 in the series, so make sure you sign up for each session!

This session, The Power of Capital, will be covering: 

1. Think Strategically about Cash Flow

2. Does your business need to borrow?

3. Why are you a good investment?

4. What financial data is important?

5. What are your credit options?

6. SBA Loan Programs

7. Begin building your own empire

Meet the Presenter

Nathan W. McCann
Nathan W. McCann
Certified Business Consultant
JP Morgan Chase & Co.

Nathan has twenty-five years of experience in banking, lending, community development, government banking, relationship management, and leadership experience. Strong aptitude in evaluating financial situations involving credit, and matching the right credit program to minimize risk for both business and the client. Possesses mastery of the financial markets, and knowledge of financial statements and spreadsheets. Well-developed leadership skills, along with the ability to adapt to changing financial and economic conditions. Organized management skills, as well as the ability to prioritize assignments in order to work in collaboration or independently. Nathan earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration from Rowan University. Nathan began his Banking career at a large National Bank in their retail-banking network, where he has held many positions and titles. Nathan also worked for a 100 million dollar CDFI (Community Development Financial Institution). The CFFI was dedicated to serving distressed neighborhoods in revitalization and economic growth. Focusing on helping startup businesses to well-mature businesses develop the skills to help them achieve growth and build wealth. Additionally, the CDFI provides affordable housing, economic development loans, and technical assistance. Nathan is dedicated to the Mission of serving people and helping businesses be more profitable. Nathan also serves on two community boards that are focused on serving the community.

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