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Doing Business with the FAA

Thu, Apr 11, 2024

Are you a small business looking to soar to new heights in the aerospace industry? The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) invites you to a groundbreaking webinar on April 11th, where we unveil our commitment to small businesses like yours!

About the Event:
At the FAA, safety, innovation, and sustainability are at the core of our mission. In fiscal year 2023 alone, we dedicated over $5.6 billion to contracts, with a remarkable 32% ($1.8 billion) directed towards small businesses. Now, we’re excited to share insights into how your small business can become a part of this success story.

What to Expect:

Decoding Data: Gain exclusive insights into what the FAA purchased in FY23, empowering you with strategic knowledge to align your offerings with agency needs.

Navigate with Ease: Discover a roadmap to contracting success as we guide you through where and how to find the most promising FAA contracting opportunities, propelling your business to new heights.

Unlocking Opportunities: Learn how your certifications can drive set-asides and noncompetitive awards, opening doors to lucrative contracting opportunities with the FAA.

Why Attend?
By participating in this webinar, you’ll gain insider knowledge and practical tips to navigate the FAA’s contracting landscape successfully. Whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur or just starting, this event offers invaluable resources to propel your business forward.

Don’t miss this chance to unlock the doors to endless possibilities with the FAA’s Small Business Office. Reserve your spot today!