Top Business Resources in Hudson County for Businesses Impacted by COVID-19

June 1, 2020

Hudson County is one of the fastest-growing counties in the state of New Jersey. As the County grows, the small business community also grows. As the community prospers, resources are needed to accommodate the new and existing small business owners.

We’ve gathered Top 5 educational and business resources for all the constituents of the County. is part of the State of New Jersey’s Business First Stop initiative. It provides you with the information you need to plan, start, operate, and grow your business. Whether you want to contract with the State or need answers on how to register your business, business owners and entrepreneurs can utilize this resource to thrive.


Hudson County Chamber of Commerce

The Hudson County Chamber provides education, advocacy and access to its members within and throughout each community in Hudson County. Becoming a member of this organization can grant you access to the Chamber’s vast network, help you create a company profile for the community, offers members-only access to special events and opportunities, and lets you support the Chamber’s mission to enhance the County’s vitality.


Hudson County Office of Business Opportunity

The Hudson County Office of Business Opportunity (HCOBO) is your direct conduit to local, state, and federal business opportunities. The HCOBO helps businesses get certified for MBEs, WBEs, VBEs, and SBEs and connect with resources and opportunities.


Hudson County Economic Development Corporation

The Hudson County Economic Development Corporation’s (HCEDC) mission is to serve Hudson County’s diverse communities by providing comprehensive financial access, information, professional training and affordable housing. This organization provides a wide variety of loans, in-depth, advanced training and workshops, different demographic reports, and affordable housing accommodations.


NJSBDC at NJCU Resource Hub

Our Center has curated over 120 different resources from state, federal, and local agencies that have shared their initiatives for the COVID-19 pandemic



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