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Now, your challenge is to create awareness and gain new customers to buy your products or services. It’s time to focus on marketing and advertising!

Marketing and advertising are critical to the growth and success of your small business. Whether online or on the street, it’s important to establish a presence and create more awareness of your business among potential and existing customers.

In the digital age, traditional advertising methods don’t work as well as they did in the past. In order to reach and expand your customer base, you need to identify your ideal customer, and position your message in front of them- wherever they spend their time.

SEO (Search Engine Marketing), Email Marketing, Social Media, Broadcast, Print, Direct Mail, etc. — there are many channels available to you. The challenge is how to select the right ones, test your message, and measure the success of your outreach. Check out our FAQs for more answers on this topic, or reach out to one of our subject matter experts through our counseling program.

We help you succeed

Great Marketing Starts with Research

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Basics Of
Online Marketing

With Christian Pichardo, Marketing Director at the NJSBDC at NJCU

This FREE Online Marketing course will improve your understanding of online marketing if you’re a beginner and teach you how to piece all 7 forms of online marketing together for those who are a little more advanced.

Bonus: Special strategies to use in our current post-COVID-19/New Normal World.


Get Customers
With Google

With Iori Digital and the Small Business Development Center at NJCU

In this webinar, we go into the basics of how to set up a Google My Business profile, taking full advantage of all of its features to garner attention, and answer live questions for specific local businesses like “online services.”

Marketing FAQs

Marketing is one of your most important organizing tools. There are four basic aspects of marketing, often called the “Four P’s”:

  • Product – the item or service you sell.
  • Price – the amount your charge for your product or service.
  • Promote – the ways you inform your market as to who, what, and where you are.
  • Place – the channels you use to take the product to the customer.

As you can see, marketing encompasses much more than just advertising or selling. For example, a major part of marketing involves researching your customers: What do they want? What can they afford? What do they think? Your understanding and application of the answers to such questions play a major role in the success or failure of your business.


Grow Your Business by Connecting with Your Community

Social Media

Tweet this. Like that. Pin, share, snap. Argh!

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Do you find yourself confused by Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Pinterest, Google+, etc.? Not sure whether you need to be active on any of these Social Media platforms at all?

Social Media might seem silly or overwhelming. But the reality is many businesses can use it strategically to their advantage.

Approach it from this perspective. You want to position yourself as an expert in a specific field and create a community of like-minded followers. To attract those followers, you continually create interesting content and perhaps also curate interesting content from other sources. This continuous activity builds loyalty and attracts new followers through referrals and word-of-mouth.

Sound exciting? It certainly can be! However, it can involve an investment of time, creativity, and possibly some money to raise the quality of your social media presence. You need to build community in the places your ideal customer may spend their time. You need a Social Media Plan of action.

We regularly host and coordinate events and workshops on Social media. We will help you position yourself, get more customers, and build your brand - and that all leads to more revenue for you.

Dig Deeper into SEO, Email & Social Media Marketing


Bookkeeping is a key part of any business

young female outsourced bookeeper

Bookkeeping is a key part of any business. To get you started, we recommend downloading Profit Soup’s templates: 12-Month Cash-Flow Workbook and 13-Week Cash-Flow Workbook

Once you're ready to move to the next step, enjoy this QuicksBook discount on us!

Staffing & HR

Getting the right person on the bus in the right seat can be challenging. If you’re just getting started, or strapped for cash, consider hiring an intern.

Human Resources FAQs

Growth Funding

Funding is the most important step for start-up capital or the expansion of your business. You can read more about getting funding from your bank here, or you can reach out to the consultants at the New Jersey Small Business Development Center (SBDC), who can help you get prequalified for a loan and give you direct access to capital from our pool of approved lenders.